Curriculum Vitae
Per-Olof Nilsson

Name: Per-Olof Gerhard Nilsson

Born: 18 August 1939 in Lidköping, Sweden

Nationality: Swedish

Married: Dorota Debowska-Nilsson, Ph.D.

Working place: Department of Physics

Chalmers University of Technology,

SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden


Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Chalmers University of Technology, 1964

Licentiate in Physics, Chalmers University, 1967-04-21

PhD in Physics, Chalmers University, 1970-04-17

Docent, Chalmers University, 1970-06-01


Teaching assistant in physics, Chalmers University, 1964-07-01

Post doc, IBM Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA,1970-10-01--1971-07-01

Research assistant, Chalmers University of Technology, 1971-04-01

Scientist, Swedish Natural Science Research Council (NFR), 1972-01-01

Associate professor, NFR, 1979-07-01

Professor in Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter, NFR, placed at Chalmers University, 1986-07-01

Professor in Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter, Chalmers University, 1994-07-01--2006-08-31

Guest Scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA 2000-09-07--2001-09-15

Professor emeritus, Chalmers University of Technology, 2006-09-01- at present

Earlier Activities:

Research on the electronic structure of condensed matter.

Present Activities:

Development, research at, and running of the "House of Learning" including "Scientific Toys",  a  world-unique exhibition and workshop withs about 300 scientific toys.


Electronic structure of solids: About 200 publications in international, refereed journals. About 200 more articles from conferences, books, etc.

Science Understanding: About 30 popular articles, and some book chapters and other material (in Swedish).